Lab News

Gerontological Society of America Conference 2023

Our lab had a strong presence at GSA 2023 in Tampa, FL! Lydia Ong’s presentation was titled, “Age Differences in Everyday Discrimination and Cortisol Dynamic Range.” Jin Wen presented on the topic of “Does affective reactivity to interpersonal stressors during the day influence subsequent sleep that night?” Finally, Nikki Stuart gave a talk titled, “Daily stress and subjective cognition: A test of physical activity and age moderation.”

Dr. Sin interviewed on CBC about coping with daily stress, Sept 6, 2023

Dr. Sin spoke with host Michelle Eliot on BC Today about the impacts of daily stress on health and tips for coping with stress in daily life. You can watch a short video clip here:

The full episode is available through CBC Radio and on YouTube:

Q&A: American Psychosomatic Society Antiracism Task Force, Jul 19, 2023

Dr. Nancy Sin was recently featured in a Q & A in the UBC Psychology News. In this Q & A, she describes the work that the American Psychosomatic Society’s Antiracism Task Force has done to implement antiracist policies in the organization. The task force published a paper to guide other organizations on practices to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Chasing Life on CNN, July 18, 2023

Dr. Nancy Sin was recently interviewed by Dr. Sanjay Gupta for his CNN podcast, Chasing Life. They chatted about the myth of the midlife crisis, stress and well-being during middle adulthood, and the unique challenges that Millennials face as we enter midlife.