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UBC Toolkit for Sleep & Academic Success

Jin Wen was interviewed by Chapman Learning Commons on how sleep impacts wellness and academic success. Check out the full toolkit here:

Patrick receives departmental teaching assistant award

Congratulations to Patrick Klaiber, who received the Certificate of Teaching Excellence from the Council of Canadian Departments of Psychology. This award recognizes his outstanding work as a TA in the UBC Department of Psychology.

Congrats to UBC graduates Fei and Chloe!

Two research assistants from the UPLIFT Health Lab have earned their Bachelor’s degrees! Huge congrats to Fei Ying (BSc in Behavioural Neuroscience) and Chloe Dean (BA in Psychology, Minor in Law and Society)!

Holy is going to medical school!

Congratulations to Holy Ghaly on her acceptance to the UBC Medical Program! Holy, we can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll accomplish in medical school and beyond!

Patrick Klaiber receives Innovative Research on Aging Award

Big congrats to Patrick Klaiber, who has received the Innovative Research on Aging Award (Bronze Award) from the Mather Institute! The award recognizes excellent applied research that offers important implications for the aging services industry. Patrick received this award for his work on daily life experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. The award co-recipients were co-authors Jin Wen, Dr. Anita DeLongis, and Dr. Nancy Sin.

Jin Wen receives 2 awards for Master’s research

A big congrats to Jin Wen! He was awarded the Certificate of Academic Excellence for Best Master’s Thesis from the Canadian Psychological Association and the UBC Excellence in Health Psychology MA Research Award.

Fei Ying receives scholarship award

Fei Ying has been awarded the Robert and Kazuko Barker Award ($1000), based on the recommendations of the Faculties of Arts and Science. Congrats, Fei!

The New York Times, March 12, 2021

Why older people managed to stay happier through the pandemic

NPR’s On Point

Dr. Sin was a guest on U.S. National Public Radio’s On Point to discuss the science behind the mutual benefits of kindness. Listen here or on the podcast:

Sleep and Emotional Reactions to Next-Day Experiences

The Greater Good Magazine covered our research showing that getting more sleep tonight can promote more positive experiences and resilience to stress on the next day.