Undergraduate Students

Update (Aug 2021): We will not longer be accepting volunteer RA applications. We will update this page if positions open up. 

Undergraduate students can gain valuable hands-on experience in health psychology. My past research assistants have gone on to graduate school, medical school, and have pursued other careers that made good use of the skills they had developed as research assistants (including critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and teamwork).

Research assistants engage in a variety of activities, such as:

  • conduct literature searches
  • help prepare and pilot-test study materials (e.g., smartphone surveys)
  • recruit, screen, and schedule participants
  • collect data
  • clean, score, and manage data
  • provide feedback to participants (e.g., prepare personalized summary reports of participants’ sleep and physical activity data)
  • attend meetings with other lab members, graduate students, and Dr. Sin
  • present research at conferences

If you are interested in volunteering as a research assistant, please email a brief description of your research interests, CV or resume, and an unofficial transcript (such as screenshot of grades from the SSC) to our lab manager at uplift@psych.ubc.ca.


Directed Studies and Honours Thesis

Advanced students with previous research experience (especially those who have been volunteering in the UPLIFT Health Lab for at least one term) may wish to pursue a Directed Studies or Honours Thesis project in the lab. This would involve conducting an independent research project that fits within the larger research studies and the research goals of the lab. I typically accept Directed Studies at the beginning of the academic year (September), for a year-long commitment.

Please contact me at nsin@psych.ubc.ca to discuss opportunities. Please include in your email: a brief description of your research interests, CV/resume with references, an unofficial transcript (screenshot of grades from the SSC), and a sample of your academic writing (such as a class research paper).