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Forbes, July 28, 2020

Crises Like the Pandemic Don’t Make People Less Optimistic

CTV news

‘A surprise to no one’: Some coping better than others with COVID-19, research suggests.

Vancouver Sun

COVID-19: Research shows older adults less worried during pandemic.   

Breakfast TV Vancouver

Patrick Klaiber talks about his new research on age differences in coping with the pandemic.

Aging and COVID-19

Patrick Klaiber (PhD student) has published a new paper showing that older adults were more psychologically resilient during the pandemic than younger and middle-aged adults. UBC press release:

Congrats to Fei Ying!

Fei Ying (3rd year undergraduate in Behavioural Neuroscience) was awarded the UBC Morris Belkin Prize for her research on variability in sleep timing and daily emotions.


Positive Psychological Science

Jin Wen has published a book chapter entitled “Positive Activity Interventions Targeted to Improve Depressive Symptoms” in the 2nd edition of Positive Psychological Science. For more information about the book, visit

Congrats to Patrick Klaiber!

Patrick Klaiber has been awarded a doctoral scholarship from the German National Scholarship Foundation (Promotionsstipendium der Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes)!

Congrats to Jin Wen!

Jin Wen has successfully defended his MA thesis!