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NPR’s On Point

Dr. Sin was a guest on U.S. National Public Radio’s On Point to discuss the science behind the mutual benefits of kindness. Listen here or on the podcast:

Sleep and Emotional Reactions to Next-Day Experiences

The Greater Good Magazine covered our research showing that getting more sleep tonight can promote more positive experiences and resilience to stress on the next day.

APS Conference

Kudos to lab members Jin Wen, Lydia Ong, Fei Ying, Juliane Henkel, Holy Ghaly, and Patrick Klaiber on their poster presentations at the American Psychosomatic Society virtual conference! Jin Wen received a Poster Award for his presentation on sleep and well-being in daily life during COVID-19.

Greater Good Magazine, December 1, 2020

Helping others can help you feel better during the pandemic.

Congrats, Jin!

Jin Wen has received the Student Research Award from the Gerontological Society of America’s Behavioral and Social Sciences Section. This award was given based on his Master’s thesis research on the role of perceived control in stress responses.

Verywell, September 29, 2020

Better sleep can improve stress and increase positivity, study shows.

Vancouver Sun Article on Sleep and Emotions

Unhappy? Sleep it off, says new UBC study

The Washington Post, Sept 19, 2020

Often, the elderly handle the pandemic very well. Here’s why.

The Washington Post, Sept 11, 2020

Who is handling the pandemic best emotionally? Boomers and other retirees.